Winter 2014

Seeking to enrich the community and enhance civic pride
through the creative arts

Chuck Prudhomme


Tim Haines


Janice Peterson


Lucius Upshaw


Neil Babcock


Patricia Cook


Redding School of the Arts


Stephanie Luke




Additional Art in the City Galleries:

Exhibiting Artists:

Chuck Prudhomme - City Hall

Chuck Prudhomme is an oil painter who paints landscapes primarily on location. He travels extensively looking for that unique scene that touches his soul. He paints in a loose painterly style where he attempts to capture the spirit of the place. His paintings are vibrant, colorful and very expressive. Chuck is represented by Galleries in California and Oregon.

Tim Haines - City Hall

Tim Haines enjoys working in acrylics. He is interested in creating large pieces of art in bright colors that captivate the viewer. For Tim, painting is a hobby that allows him to be creative.

Janice Peterson - City Hall

Janice began as a graphic artist in her father's print shop. Growing up in Redding and exploring all the natural beauty of the area fueled a desire in her to realistically render on canvas her natural surroundings. After completing an "Associates Degree in Studio Arts" she now paints fulltime in her home studio in Napa. The undeniable influences of graphic design, Redding, Mt Shasta and McCloud can be seen in her vivd and realistic artwork.

Lucius Upshaw - City Hall

For fifty years, Lucius Upshaw, has created sculptures of lasting beauty. He uses wood, stone, copper, and bronze. His art reflects an expressive realism with meticulously hand-hammered impressions or smooth, glasslike surfaces. Upshaw created the copper fountain, "Spiraling River" on Hilltop, and "Neighbors", a copper wall relief at the Vista Ridge Park in Redding. His website is:

Neil Babcock - City Hall

Neil Babcock came to Redding in 1963 to teach Art and Math at Shasta High School. His curiosity about the world and a love of Nature is the source of inspiration. Becoming an Art Therapist has allowed Neil to appreciate the value and meaning of his art. Intuition, creativity, and experimenting are tools he uses. Neil's latest exploration is in the shifting colors seen in the light diffraction of CD disks.

Patricia Cook - City Hall

Patricia Cook has been painting with pastels, and creating assemblage/collages, for about five years. The paintings are based on photographs and plein aire sketches taken in northern California, and are impressionistic in nature. The assemblages/collages she creates portray the quirks and unpredictabilities of life.

Redding School of the Arts - City Hall

Redding School of the Arts is a charter school in northern California providing academic and creative opportunities for 530 students. The school believes that when it comes to young minds, art enriches, expands and prepares them for a full life in useful and unexpected ways. RSA provides K-8 students for the 21st century-the ability to read, write, speak and calculate with clarity and precision, and participate in the life of the community. It seeks to accomplish its goal of high academic and behavioral standards through a student centered, thematic approach, and multicultural environment with emphasis on the arts. RSA enables students to become literate, self-motivated and lifelong learners who appreciate, enjoy and respect the visual and performing arts.

Stephanie Luke - Redding Library

Cottonwood artist Stephanie Luke took photography classes at Lassen College, near Susanville, and at Sierra College in Rocklin, and has practiced the art of photography for nearly forty years. Her work, which includes a wide range of subject matter, has been featured in photography magazines and exhibits throughout California and in Oregon and New York City. In 2006 she transitioned from the darkroom to digital photography, enjoying the freedom of Photoshop and the possibility it provides for surprising and often mysterious juxtapositions. The current display is from a series titled "In the Land of My Dreams: A photographic Journey."

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