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Art in City Hall

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Art in Public Places

Seeking to enrich the community and enhance civic pride
through the creative arts

Art in the City - Summer 2015

The Reception for the Summer 2015 Exhibit takes place on May 15, 2015, from 5:00-7:00pm. Information about the Reception at City Hall can be found here.(Summer 2015 Reception)

Summer 2015 Exhibits Poster.(Summer 2015 Poster)

Information about Art in the City Exhibits and Artists for 2015 (PDF document)

More Art:

This City of Redding's Art in Public Places program is administered by the Community Services Department with input from the Art in Public Places Committee. Our mission is to augment public spaces throughout the city with works of art ranging from paintings, murals and outdoor sculptures to functional works integrated into architecture and community infrastructure. These additions aim to transform public works into artworks and public areas from the commonplace into sites reflecting the spirit of our dynamic community.

With the inception of the National Endowment for the Arts in 1965, the modern public art program was born in the United States. Public art can be fashioned of bronze, brick, wood, steel, or fabric; it can be a mural, a sculpture, a park bench or a banner; it can be colorful or subdued, monumental or diminutive, utilitarian or decorative, in a building lobby, on a street corner or in a public park. Public art complements buildings, parks and plazas; creates a sense of place and enhances community identity; improves the design quality of public infrastructure; becomes thought-provoking cultural landmarks and provides a sense of community & cohesion.

Call To Artists

The City of Redding holds an Open Call to Artists each year from August 1 through September 30. Twenty-one artists, group of artists or schools are sought to display their artwork in both City Hall and the Redding Library. Selections for the Call are made by a panel consisting of the City's Art in Public Places Committee and members of City staff.

New exhibits are hung three times each year and the artwork is carefully selected to provide an engaging experience. Since the program's inception we have exhibited more than 2,100 pieces of artwork from more than 220 artists. The City collects no commission on the sale of exhibited art.

Open Call submission requirements can be found here Call to Artists

If you would like to receive an email notification when the Call opens, please send your email address to and note that you are requesting to be placed on the listing for the 'Art in the City' program.

Art in Public Places Committee

The City of Redding's Art in Public Places Committee was instituted in November 1998. This committee is charged with finding opportunities where public art can be incorporated into City projects and activities. The Committee's accomplishments run the gamut from decorative manhole covers to downtown street revitalizations to the selection of works for the various indoor and outdoor exhibitions at the Civic Center.

Art in the City

You might be surprised to learn that the largest art gallery in Redding is inside the Redding Civic Center. The Civic Center spans three stories, is approximately 100,000 SF and hosts over 500 feet of gallery railing. Since the program's inception, over 1,900 pieces of artwork from more than 160 artists have been exhibited.

The Redding Library is visited by more than 1,600 patrons each day. The addition of this venue to the Art in the City program in 2010 was a natural expansion, as the two buildings share the Civic Center Campus.

The artwork on display at City Hall and the Redding Library has been carefully selected, via an annual Call to Artists, to provide an engaging experience for your enjoyment. New exhibits are hung three times each year, typically in January, May and September, although this schedule is subject to change for special showings.

You can peruse our online gallery from previous shows.

The Sculpture Park at City Hall

A public sculpture park on the Civic Center campus logically expands the successful Art in City Hall program to the outdoors, while at the same time creating a new venue for special events.

The Sculpture Park at City Hall offers a mixture of permanent works and traveling exhibits displayed along a winding trail amidst water features and decorative plantings.

For more details, please visit The Sculpture Park at City Hall page.




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