City of Redding Risk Management

2nd Floor City Hall                                             Hours of Operation:

777 Cypress Avenue                                         Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Redding, CA 96001                                           Except Holidays

(530) 225-4094 Phone

(530) 225-4452 Phone                                                                                

(530) 225-4300 FAX                                         

City of Redding Personnel Department - Risk Management Division

Workers' Compensation:

Self-administers the self-insured Workers' Compensation program for the City, and develops loss reduction programs to return injured employees to work and reduce costs to the City.

Liability Claims:

Investigates claims filed, such as property damage and personal injury; serves as liaison with third party claims administrator.


The City is self-insured for major risk programs such as general liability, auto liability and Workers' Compensation. Risk Management purchases insurance for several other programs, e.g., property insurance, airport and transit operations; advises departments with regard to insurance requirements for proposed projects or activities; and administers special event insurance programs for use of City-owned facilities and/or property.

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