Affordable Housing Activities

The Redding Redevelopment Agency uses a minimum of 20 percent of its tax increment revenue to increase, improve, and preserve the community’s supply of housing affordable to low- and moderate-income households.  Since July 2001, the City/Agency has assisted in a variety of housing projects resulting in the development of 346 new affordable housing units. Redevelopment funds have also leveraged millions of dollars from the State and Federal governments and private sector for affordable housing development.

If you are interested in possibly receiving housing set-aside funding for an affordable housing project, merely complete the Affordable Housing Development Application and return it to the address provided. Upon receipt, staff will review it and contact you to discuss the project in further detail.

For affordable housing activities within the Agency's target neighborhoods, please refer to Neighborhood Revitalization.

For additional information on the various types of housing programs offered for first-time homebuyers, as well as owner and rental rehabilitation projects, please visit our housing website at

Beginning January 1, 2014, Senate Bill 341 (SB341) requires the City as the Successor Housing Agency to the former Redding Redevelopment Agency to compile and maintain a database of existing, new, and substantially rehabilitated housing units assisted with Low- and Moderate-Income Housing Asset Funds (LMIHAF). This database is available for review on line, at the Agency's office located at 777 Cypress Avenue, Redding, California, 96001, or by contacting us at (530) 225-4351 or

-List of (LMIHAF) Affordable Housing (SB341)

Recent City-Wide Affordable

Housing Activities

Saint Clare Court

The Saint Clare Court apartment project was completed in early 2010. Saint Clare Court is a supportive housing facility that provides a range of supportive services in addition to shelter to very-low-income individuals suffering from mental illness. This affordable rental complex consists of 14 one-bedroom units and a manager’s unit. The Agency provided an $800,000 residual receipts loan to Northern Valley Catholic Social Service, a local nonprofit, to assist with the development of the project. A 55-year affordability covenant has been recorded against the site in conjunction with the Agency’s financing. Other funding sources included the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the City of Redding.

Redding East Street Apartments

The Agency provided $1.15 million in the form of a residual receipts loan to LINC Housing, a non-profit housing provider, for the development of 20 affordable housing units for very-low- and low-income seniors located on an infill parcel in Redding’s downtown. The Agency’s funding leveraged approximately $3.95 million in other funding sources, including low-income housing tax credits. The project was completed in December 2010.


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