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Commercial Containers and Drop Boxes

The Solid Waste Utility provides garbage and recycling services to businesses located within the Redding City limits.  Commercial accounts are usually established at the time utilities are hooked up.  For information on establishing new commercial service, changing existing solid waste/recycling service or general information, call the Solid Waste Utility's Customer Service Department at 224-6201.  A Customer Service Representative will assist you with any questions and help you determine the appropriate level of service for your business.

Containers are available for permanent, ongoing solid waste services at established premises. Available container sizes are: 1.5 yd., 2 yd., 3 yd., 4 yd., 6 yd., and 8 yd. 

You can view the current container rate schedule for permanent containers by clicking here.

Drop boxes are available in the following sizes:  10 yd., 20 yd., 30 yd., and 40 yd.  Sizes and shapes of drop boxes can vary, though common examples are pictured at right.  View sample contracts online. Click Here

Temporary (Rental) Containers and Drop Boxes

Do you need to rent a dumpster for a clean-up job?  The Solid Waste Utility has various dumpster sizes available for use within the Redding City limits.  Call our Customer Service Department at 224-6201 to reserve a dumpster.  The term "dumpster" is really a generic descriptive term.  We actually consider a "container" to be 1.5 - 2 yards in capacity.  Containers are ideal for miscellaneous household garbage and green waste.   We call anything larger than that a "drop box", so that's how you'll find it listed below. Drop boxes are suitable for roofing materials and construction debris (see guidelines below for specifics). Terms and conditions are listed below.

Terms and Conditions for Temporary Rental

  • Only for use within the Redding City limits.  If you live outside the City limits, you will need to contact Waste Management - Shasta County's contracted waste hauler - at (530) 221-4784. We are not affiliated with Waste Management.
  • You MUST sign a contract to rent a container or drop box. Contracts are valid for 12 months or until the next rate increase.  Absolutely no exceptions. A Customer Service Representative will go over the contract terms with you. View sample contracts online. Click Here
  • Absolutely NO dirt, rocks, concrete, bricks, asphalt, stumps, large appliances (refrigerators,A/C units, washing machines, etc.), televisions, computer monitors or other electronics,household batteries, lead-acid batteries, fluorescent light tubes, ballasts, tires, asbestos, liquids, pesticides, paint, or other hazardous waste material.  You are responsible for what is put in your dumpster. Please educate workers and family members who fill the dumpster.
  • Dumpsters are not automatically emptied.  You MUST call the Solid Waste Utility at 224-6201 to schedule an empty. Drop boxes and containers must be emptied at least once every 14 days to avoid daily charges..
  • Dumpsters can not be filled higher than the top.  Lids must be able to be closed on containers and drop boxes must be capable of being tarped by the automatic tarping arm on the collection vehicle.  Any dumpster not meeting these requirements will not be serviced.
  • All dumpsters have weight limits.  Refer to your contract for specific information.
  • You must charge your dumpster rental to your City of Redding Utility account or you may set up a "Garbage Only" account if you do not have a City of Redding Utility Account.  If you want to charge the rental to a City of Redding Utility account, you must be an authorized signer on the account.
  • Pre-payment may be required until a satisfactory rental history is established, as determined by the Solid Waste Utility.
  • Other terms and conditions may apply.  Refer to the contract for the specific type of container or drop box you are renting.


2 yd container

2 yd container

approx. 81" w x 48" d

3 yd Cardboard Container

10 yard drop box

10 yd drop box

weight limit: 1.5 tons

approx. 8'w x 6'h x 10' l

20 yd dumpster

20 yd drop box

weight limit: 2.5 tons

approx. 8'w x 5'h x 18'l

30 yd drop box

weight limit: 3.5 tons

approx. 8'w x 7.5'h x 18'l

40 yd dumpster

40 yd drop box

weight limit: 4.5 tons

approx. 8'w x 8.5'h x 20.5'l

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