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How to Request a Waste Wheeler or Container

You must be a resident or business located inside the Redding City limits and be served by the Redding Solid Waste Utility

Note: All curbside carts have a maximum weight limit
of 200 pounds. 

For Gray Carts:

If you need an additional Gray Cart for garbage: there will be an additional fee added to your monthly service charge, which is based on the size of the additional cart. All carts must have the lid closed for collection. For an updated list of fees, please click here Cart Fees.

List of items that are not accepted in your gray garbage cart.

If you need a smaller/larger cart:  Call Customer Service at 224-6201 to request a change. Note: if you downsize from a 96-gallon cart to a 64-gallon cart, you will save $1 per month!

For Blue Carts:

The City of Redding's Solid Waste Utility provides one Blue Mixed Recycling Cart per single family dwelling.  You can choose from a 96-gallon blue cart (large families) or a 64-gallon cart for a smaller family. This is a free service. To request a cart or to change the size, please call Customer Service at 224-6201.


Phonebook Recycling:  Phonebooks can be placed in your blue cart for recycling.  You can also "Opt Out" of receiving phonebooks or choose which ones you do want. There's no charge for this service which is offered through the Yellow Pages. It's easy to use this service and you can change your preferences anytime you want. Visit Opt Out of Yellow Pages, White Pages and Phone Books Delivery and enter your zip code to get started.

Apartments & Businesses:  We now offer mixed recycling for many multi-family units and businesses.  Please call 224-6201 or email to find out if your apartment or business qualifies.

Blue Recycling Cart Rules

For Green Carts:

The City of Redding provides up to two 96-gallon green waste carts per single family residence.  A smaller 64-gallon cart is an option.  This is a free service.  For houses with an average size lot, one 96-gallon cart is usually sufficient.  Larger lots or those in areas with a lot of mature trees may need a second cart to accommodate the leaves. If you order a second cart, you must keep it for at least one year.  Green Waste Recycling Rules.

Call our Customer service representatives 224-6201 to request a cart.  

Green Waste Recycling Guide.

For commercial drop boxes and containers (containers 1.5 cubic yard or larger) to be used on a regular basis:

You must establish an account with the City of Redding to participate and come to the Transfer Station at 2255 Abernathy Lane to sign a contract to begin service.  Click here for a map to the Transfer Station.

Our Customer Service Representatives can assist you in selecting the appropriate container to meet your disposal needs.  Call us at 224-6201.  For more information about renting a container, click here.

For containers and containers (1.5 cubic yard or larger) to be used at a business or residence on a temporary basis:

If you have a cleanup job and need to rent a dumpster on a short term basis, whether at a commercial job site or at a business, you can rent a temporary container from the City of Redding.  The rules are slightly different than those for permanent containers.  Click here for information on renting a temporary container or drop box.

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