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City of Redding
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6751 Woodrum Circle
Suite 200
Redding, CA 96002

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Benton Airpark

Benton Airpark is a general aviation airport owned and operated by the City of Redding. Benton Airpark is Redding's first airport and was purchased by the City in 1920 for the purpose of developing an aerial landing space. It is situated on 158 acres on Redding's west side at the corner of Placer Street and Airpark Drive. Benton is served by a single asphalt runway 2,420 feet in length and 80 feet wide. Benton Airpark does not have an airport traffic control tower.

Benton is the home of Hillside Aviation, a fixed base operator since 1970 offering aircraft maintenance, charters, flight training and aircraft rental. Several types of aircraft storage are available including t-hangars, shade hangars and open hangars. View the Hangars & Tiedowns webpage for more information.

Existing land use surrounding Benton Airpark is a mix of residential, open space and office. Noise abatement procedures have been developed to protect the neighborhood and your consideration of the Benton Airpark Traffic Pattern for departing and landing is appreciated.

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