City of Redding Public Works Department

Director of Public Works/ City Engineer:  

Assistant Director of Public Works-Utilities:           

Assistant Director of Public Works-Traffic Operations:    

Brian Crane

Jon McClain

Chuck Aukland

Office Locations:    


1st Floor, City Hall

777 Cypress Avenue

Redding, CA  96001

Phone: (530) 225-4170

Fax:     (530) 245-7024


     20055 Viking Way, Bldg 3

     Redding, CA 96003

     Phone: (530) 224-6068

     Fax: (530) 224-6071

Hours of Operation


8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Except Holidays


Welcome to the Public Works Department, this Department includes all the City's transportation and engineering functions along with all the field operations all within one department, allowing for better coordination and more efficient use of resources to help ease the issues that go along with the City's growth.

The Public Works Department is comprised of seven Divisions:

Engineering Division Includes Surveys, Design, and Construction Management.  This Division plans, develops, and constructs public facilities, roadways, capital improvement, and private development projects.

Streets Division Is responsible for maintenance associated with roadways, street striping and pavement markings, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, and traffic signals. They are also responsible for installing and maintaining street name signs. In addition, the Division maintains metered and unmetered parking spaces in and around the Downtown Mall area.

Traffic Operations Division Evaluates requests for traffic signals, stop signs, warning signs, and crosswalks.They perform various speed studies, and traffic counts of City streets. They are responsible for installing and maintaining pavement markings and street striping, and maintain on-street parking and off-street parking lots. 

Stormwater In compliance with the City’s MS4 NPDES permit, the City developed and implemented a Storm Water Quality Improvement Plan (SWQIP), which along with the Storm Drain Utility Maintenance and Operations Plan and the City-Wide Storm Drain Master Plan comprise the City’s Comprehensive Storm Water Management Plan.

Storm Drain Utility Is responsible for installing, monitoring, maintaining, and cleaning the storm drain system of the City of Redding.

Wastewater Utility Is responsible to operate, maintain, and protect the system that collects, treats, and disposes of the domestic and industrial sewage that is generated within its boundaries. The Division consists of the Clear Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, Stillwater Wastewater Treatment Plant, Collection Division, 17 lift stations, approximately 423 miles of collection mains, approximately 7,000 manholes, and the Industrial Waste Division pretreatment program.
Wastewater Utility Master Plan 2012

Water Utility Is responsible to provide our customers with a reliable supply of high quality drinking water now and in the future. The Water Utility serves approximately 80,000 people within a service area of approximately 60 square miles. Our water quality not only meets Federal and State Standards each and every day of the year, but in most cases, contaminant levels fall far below published Primary and Secondary Standards. This means you, as the consumer, are assured of the safest water we can deliver to your tap.
Water Utility Master Plan 2012

RABA Provides fixed route, express route, and demand response services within the urbanized area of Shasta County.


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