Assistant Director of Public Works: Chuck Aukland

Public Works Supervisor - Streets:  Randy Campbell

Working Supervisors:      Ken Alves, Randy Amaral, Jim Carter

Phone:  (530) 224-6077

Fax:      (530) 224-6071


The Streets Division is staffed with 12 full-time and 2 part-time seasonal employees.

The Division is responsible for maintenance associated with roadways, street striping and pavement markings; curbs, gutters and sidewalks; and traffic signals. The primary function of day-to-day operations consists of maintaining approximately 427 miles of roadways, 382 miles of street striping, 3,330 painted pavement legends, 371 miles of sidewalks, 3,451 regulatory signs, 2,038 warning signs, and 480 guide signs.

The Sign Shop crew—a section the the Streets Division—installs and maintains approximately 6,000 traffic signs annually within the City limits.  The crew also fabricates new signs for use all over the City.  The Sign Shop utilizes aluminum precut shapes and prepares them with either reflective or nonreflective sheeting.  The letters and/or symbols are computer-generated onto transfer sheeting and placed on the sign. The crew also performs periodic sign inspections, ensuring that regulatory and directional signs are installed at standard heights, as required in the Uniform Traffic Control Manual.  Additionally, this four-man crew straightens, replaces, and cleans the signs, posts, and hardware when necessary.

In addition, the Division maintains metered and unmetered parking spaces in and around the Downtown Mall area, consisting of 578 parking-metered spaces and 2,977 unmetered parking spaces in various City-owned lots.

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